Sustainability and Ethics

Fibres and Fabrics

CLEAN does its best to stick to using natural fibres with different sustainably sourced materials in mind. This is expressed through a combination of brand new natural fabrics and secondhand fabrics sourced locally.

When sourcing new fabrics, we buy from various suppliers who are working with overseas textile producers who are paid fairly in a safe work environment. The new fabrics in the main body of CLEAN garments are OEKO-TEX approved. These questions are asked to suppliers before they are bought to ensure they uphold the ethical values of our brand. When featuring a digital print by a textile artist, they are credited in product descriptions and on our social media posts.

Secondhand fabrics are either discontinued vintage lengths or preloved bed sheets. The bed sheet fibre content is typically a 50% cotton, 50% polyester blend and there can occasionally be secondhand 100% synthetic fabrics used which are noted in item descriptions. We are working on phasing them out by using what synthetic fibres we already have and not buying anymore for future designs.

The above is taken in mind for clothing for upcycling and refashioning. Acrylic paint and textile medium are used for painted pieces to prevent colour running from the artwork.


Every piece is made by Christina and no other seamstresses. She tries her best to make her pieces as affordable as possible at the moment whilst upholding the values of slow fashion whilst covering the cost for materials and art supplies. Her creations are made in her home living room with one domestic sewing machine and one overlocker.

A shot of a sewing table with a multicoloured fabric project. There are sewing machines and tools on the table. There are chairs around the table.


Orders are sent using reusable and compostable mailers by Hero Packaging. These are waterproof, affordable and the company's supply chain complies with ISO 14001 standards. In the case of an order not being able to fit in a mailer or mailers run out, the order will be wrapped in paper packaging and plastic packing tape for durability to avoid your parcel breaking during delivery.

A close up of two pink compostable Hero Pack mailers with an orange and blue knit jumper in the background about to be packaged.